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Fresh, organic pasture raisedeggs are the best!


Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. For good brain health it is recommended not to eat later than 8pm and then have breakfast at 8am. This gives us a good 12 hour fast and if we are cutting out sugars and starch, our bodies are making and burning ketones from our fat and the good oils we have been feeding it.  If you have to be at work by 7 then try 6 and 6 or even 4:30 like our great grandparents did. I like the “Brain-nog” in the evening for the plaque clearing, antioxidant spices and that shot of MCT oil for making ketones.


Now the body needs protein! These breakfast recipes use eggs or nuts and seeds for a base and add some valuable vitamins and essential oils to get you going. So many people have a habit of skipping breakfast or eating a sweets, bread something for the sugar burst. Then they get the sugar bust and then snack on more sugar until their brain gets sticky with glucose!        

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