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Salad Ideas; Greens are alive and build the ecosystem of your gut biome. In the near future we will learn much more about this connection between the brain and our biomass, the ecosystem of our bodies.

Mix it up! Like a healthy ecosystem on the planet land or sea our ecosystem in our gut needs diversity for every function and stability so there are no imbalances or disease. Great ideas are arugula, spinach , kale, beet greens, blends of baby salad greens some call backyard weeds like the dandelion ...a more diverse an ecosystem is, the more stable and healthy it becomes. All organic fresh greens are the food and structure of your gut.

Good things to add are; apples, avocado, beets, berries, coconut, cashews, dates, eggs, , , , Graze your refrigerator and garden for good fresh things to add. Whole raw veggies have peak nutrients. Nutrient dense low glycemic fruits and vegetables are what you need for good brain health.

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