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Kazakhstan is one of those countries with the fewest incidences of Alzheimer's. When we met Dana at he Sarasota Farmer's Market we began to understand why. She sells and caters traditional Kazakhstan food with her company CuniTuni ( "Growing up we had no organic food, it was all organic!" Dana exclaims while her daughter looks on. "We grew everything on our farm in the summer and kept cabbage and roots for winter cooking" she continues to add "It is the spices that is the secret to our health"  She hasn't told us the secret recipe for her cilantro yogurt sauce so we must return weekly to try something new! Oh cook book research is such a burden... 

Dana's Cinnamon Rice

2 tablespoons of olive oil.

1 1/2 cups basmati rice. (preferably organic)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon from Ceylon. (see spice it up)

3 cups of water.

In the  heavy pot, add the oil and warm it on the stove. Add the cinnamon and rice stiring it all together for 30 seconds. This helps to keep the rice fluffy. Add the water and bring it to boil. On medium heat or less leave it to cook 20-25 mins till done.

Before serving put some rice in a cup and flip it over on a plate so it looks like a mountain and make it pretty just decorating it with any greens you like.


Modifications: So as a variety, some chickpeas can be added or gluten-free Orzo noodles.

It is a wonderful side dish or it can be the main dish too, if you add any salad on the side.         

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