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Clams and kelp noodles a ketone diet alternative for an mediterranean favorite dish

                                   Kelp noodles with clam sauce “Kelpie Clams”


One of our favorite dishes in an Italian restaurant is Linguine with clam sauce. Here is a brain boosting version that is also a Keto recipe that is even better! We use Kelp noodles that are satisfyingly crunchy with vitamin B rich clams. You can substitute or add Omega rich herring or trout from a can or fresh from the waters for some variety.


This dish takes about 15 minutes to cook and is so easy we have it at least once a week.



Olive oil- a generous amount, more than enough to cover the bottom of a shallow pan.

Butter- 2tbs of good organic from grass fed cows.

Fresh Garlic- 2-3 cloves more if you like. Crush and chop.

Onion- one small one chopped fine.

Bell Pepper- Red or yellow chopped not so fine.

Capers- a teaspoon or two with the brine

Other great things to add:

Celery chopped include the leaves!

Purslane leaves cut up, a good plant source of Omega 3

Olives- why not?

Two 6oz cans of clams I like to use the ones from Maine and mix bits with pieces.

One 12oz bag of Kelp Noodles, I usually use only 2/3 of a bag and use the rest for another meal.


Cooking in a large pan add oil, butter and sauté the veggies until tender on medium heat, add the clams and let simmer a bit. (a good time to add a little white wine if you like) 

The noodles don’t need to cook but I like to dash them in boiling water and drain them in a colander. Then as every Italian granmother will tell you pour olive oil on the noodles or MCT oil if you like.



    For a more traditional taste yet still brain healthy, try lentil pasta!

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