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Chocolate is the food of the gods. Not milk chocolate which is processed with milk solids, sugars and other ingredients that may be harmful over time. What we are talking about is good organic Cacao powder or at least the darkest chocolate bar you can eat.

We recommend a Mayan sipping chocolate recipe

every morning.  Please check out 

  Abelina's Mayan Hot Chocolate  

Why is chocolate at the top of our pyramid? It is super rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavanols and catechins that remove free radicals that damage our cells. It also improves blood flow and lowers LDL cholesterol and raises HDL (good cholesterol). Studies have shown that daily cacao reduced cardiovascular disease on average 50%!  It also improves cognitive function possibly due to increased blood flow and the effects of the theobromine and caffeine that combine to create methylxanthines, that just make you happy!

Is chocolate an aphrodisiac?  The Mayan goddess IXCACAO is the goddess of fertility! We do know that nutmeg is and that is one of the reasons it is in the Mayan Hot Chocolate recipe!

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