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What we advocate is a simple plan:

STOP EATING POSION!  first seriously reduce or eliminate refined sugars, wheat flour, exposure to pesticides and processed foods.

CHANGE YOUR OIL! This is the second step we get an oil change; throw out all the omega 6 oils (corn, soy vegetable and anything hydrogenated) and replace with healthier omega 3, olive, avocado, walnut oil also includes coconut oil rich in medium chain triglycerides.

EAT BRAIN FOOD This is the best part, simply eating better. This means low glycemic, nutrient dense foods and spices that improve brain function. Foods that we call brain food. These are foods that support good brain health whether the fats and oils that create the structure of our cells or foods with special nutrients that protects the cells from damage. A brain healthy diet is also a heart healthy diet and you will see foods to reduce inflammation, foods to feed the good bacteria colonies in your gut as well as foods that have less sugar.

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