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Farewell my Tuna

I am a New Yorker. No matter where I have or will live, always a New Yorker. That means regularly eating tuna. From 11 years old, when I arrived in New York City, tuna salad in some form became a ritual, and no self-respecting teenage girl I knew in my neighborhood would go more than a day or two without that salad. And so, it continued, until I was recently tossed an alert: tuna contains mercury, and too much mercury too often can increase the risk of reduced brain function. Frankly, having hit one horrifying medical wall already, my Alzheimer’s diagnosis, I don't need to rub salt in the wound, so to speak. I miss my tuna fish salad. My doctor recommends two to three portions of fish a week. Obviously different parts of the world and different fish make choosing confusing. For now, I'll focus on Mercury levels and omega 3; according to the American Heart Association, wild salmon is a good choice, and we have some great recipes going into our cookbook, including my mother’s tuna salad (with canned salmon instead of tuna). So, as the title says, it’s farewell to my albacore tuna in a tin, and I'll count on the omega-3 of a tuna steak once in a blue moon. Big sigh… Yet it must be done, and it is a small price to pay. Plus, the salmon salad tastes great!

My Alzheimer's does not own me, I own it.


wild salmon
Wild Salmon can be cooked so many ways.

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