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I told Congress my story!

At the US Capital for the Alzheimer's Association

Lights, cameras, get ready for action! Such was the start of this new chapter in my new life, both living with my Alzheimer’s and as an advocate for the U.S. Alzheimer’s Association and AIM at the annual forum in Washington D.C. All 52 states at the role call, 1,200 + advocates, and 3 days to learn how to lobby our congress for additional research funding.

The Hardcore fact was that each group had one personal story to present and it was decided that for ours, mine was it! The equation was half terror/half pride and I did it…Wow!

The electricity of true inspiration, determination, hope and love for our goal as we all walked the halls of ‘The Hill’, well, you could have cut the air with a knife, as the saying goes.

Personally, to me as one of the three Florida advocates living with Alzheimer’s my profound thanks to the careers and the association team, one and all, for getting me to the positive place that I am at now during this forum.

I await results for re-testing to compare my year to year progress. I believe that I am better now than last year, an unusual point of view I grant you. Alteration of food to my diet, more exercise and I keep working my mind as best I can.

I cannot let go of the of the determination To be the first Alzheimer’s survivor.


I own my Alzheimer’s, it does not own me.

Caroline Buyak, Congressman Thomas Rooney, Alzheimers association, AIMimpact,
Telling my story to Carline Buyak, Congressman Thomas Rooney's aid and Rona Elias

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