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Late-Summer Ponderings, September 2019

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

One of the reasons I chose to live in the heart of downtown Salem, MA, is that the world is at my feet, barring that the North Atlantic is too cold for my liking, so I compensate by hanging out at the beach, instead. Enough for my needs, now.

So, back to why the world is at my feet. I live in a building overlooking the iconic “Bewitched Statue”, which is visited daily by tourists in their quest for witches, and, of course, all ages laughing and screaming in all different languages in their delight while taking pictures of themselves in front of the statue. I couldn’t begin to guess how many different languages are spoken here every day. I’m an inveterate people-watcher, so it’s wonderful to sit in the local cafés and see who’s passing by.

I can walk to most places I need to get to, which is crucial for dealing with my Alzheimer’s. My daily goal is 5,000 to 6,000 steps, which is crucial for those of us already hit with the diagnosis, plus, it keeps me on my feet, keeps me going, and I get to know new people! And then, when I want to go to the cinema, well, that’s okay because it’s five minutes away – and serves real popcorn with real butter!! (Which is okay for my Alzheimer’s diet... every now and again.) My General Practitioner is a fifteen-minute walk, my hairdresser is twenty minutes, the small grocery store is six minutes, and the train to Boston is a five-minute walk away, along with various other things that are available to the elderly community. I am 62, but don’t feel like it.

On top of it all, my current city, Salem, which I call home now, has one of the best museums in the country – The Peabody Essex Museum. And of course, I must mention the famous Halloween Festival, which is as crazy as it’s renowned to be – festivities are already underway and run throughout October until the Cinderella shoe hour rings.

I hasten to add that I’m fully aware of the city’s infamous history, having studied it in depth in earlier times yet proximity to some of the best neurologists that are to be had wins the day for now


My Alzheimer’s doesn’t own me, I own it!

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