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The Truth in the Kindness of Strangers An unexpected skit in 3 parts

The Truth in the Kindness of Strangers

Grocery shopping is an adventure!

An unexpected skit in 3 parts

PROLOGE: Early August; I simply must get hold of my Italian friend, another wonderful transplanted Londoner. I’d missed my chance prior to her family holiday. The secondary truth is I had procrastinated in telling her my ‘news’, a very big blip in the courage box. One of several, as reality hits.



Date and time set, then time revised, by which time our set moves me to ‘in the grocery store’. Yup, I did indeed stand in a very public space, for quite some time, discussing my diagnosis and prognosis on a trans-continental call. Thank you, WhatsApp. And we made each other laugh. A lot. Had this been 3 months ago, maybe even 2, I simply couldn’t have done it. Let people look and wonder, I didn’t care. What would my mother have had to say!

Yack yacking away to…


A woman approaches with that ‘determined’ look. We’ve all seen that before! An engaging smile followed this one and a happy explanation. She had overheard us, particularly me re my Altz, and decided to circle round to share, ever so politely, that her mother had been diagnosed several years before and within the last couple of years had been given a new med that had helped her enormously. She both still lived and traveled on her own. So now we have a 3-way call as the conversation grows and we carry on, still standing in the same spot. Which brings us the fourth character in our skit, appearing stage left, my partner and caretaker. He’d followed the voices and laughter and now here we are at…


and, once again, the point of this blog. More introductions, with all four of us still on the phone, we must have been getting raucous, but I just didn’t care. The feeling of empathy and each of us ‘We’ve got your backs’ was swirling around and boy did it feel good. For all I think. Thank you again to the unknown woman who knows what it feels like and cared enough to share her positivity and point us straight ahead.




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