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Let’s face it. There are days we wake up with a blue sky, smile and others not so much. And then there are the big others. The days when we wake up in tears and beg our brain to tell us it’s only a bad dream. We, or others, aren’t “really sick” and then it asks us something ordinary like, what would we like for breakfast.

This is, without an ounce of doubt, a tough one. We all need a get-out clause to not waste a single precious day. Question marks of “How can we do that”? float around and after two years on, the magic wand is still pretty well hidden. So, to start a conversation –and I hope you do- I’ll tell you how Dr. Seuss comes into to all this: when he got stuck in his writing he would change his hat. He must have had quite some cupboard brimming with them, if you’ll excuse the pun. I dare say that it’s about distraction from the negativity. Giving oneself a sizable mental space to breathe. The Cat in the Hat, the book or the person, still gives us something to think about.

So, for those days when you wake up in tears because your brain is still asleep or has gone for a wander and feel you are in your bad dream, ask yourself what Dr Seuss would do. Change your “hat”, take a deep breath it is a beautiful day and your mind may wander back after coffee.


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